Mirror, Mirror Eating Disorders

mirror mirrorUpfront, this website is not a website that is for a person who needs a Doctor who would come and tell you what to do with your Eating Disorder or whether you even have an Eating Disorder.  However; that being said, this website is well worth it’s weight (no pun intended) as it understands and appreciates the suffering and shame you might be going through.

Started back in 1997 by Colleen Thompson, when she was having an eating disorder issue, she wanted to educate herself and provide support to herself and others who need assistance from the eating disorder.  Mirror, Mirror even asks that if you do not find the information on their website that pertains to you that you can email them and they will either try to include the information or direct you to a website or to somewhere where the information can be found.

With any kind of disorder people are suffering from, there are two things:  people don’t want to have it (of course), and people want to know they are not suffering alone.  This site helps those who suffer from Eating Disorders to alleviate the later, and hopefully the former.

Half of Us

Did you know that depression affects about 19 million people in the United States every year? College students are especially at risk with half reporting that they have been so stressed that they couldn’t function during the past year. The impact of mental illness is so devastating that suicide is the third leading cause of death among all people ages 15-24. With so many people struggling, why is it still hard for us to talk about “mental health?”

Nearly all mental health issues can be improved with proper treatment. When we decrease the stigma around mental health and encourage students to seek help if they need it, we are changing and saving lives.

Inspire Web

Inspireweb is an online community and medium that aims ultimately to inspire and to connect people from around the world in a free and open forum revolving around the fundamental human emotions of inspiration and motivation. Inspiration is a powerful tool to get us back on track and well in stride to the future of our dreams. It is an indispensable tool for recharging our spiritual batteries, tackling depression, summoning powerful feelings of inner bliss, spontaneous illumination and a feeling that we can be truly happy by adopting a peaceful, genuine and graceful attitude toward the events that happen in our lives. The idea of inspiration as a tool for growth and healing is largely unrealized in this day and age and we plan to put an end to that, on a global scale. Without inspiration, our lives become dull, repetitive and lacking in the kind of beauty that we all yearn and hope for when growing up. Life has the potential to unlock realms of bliss beyond any that society has been communicating to us over the years. By becoming inspired ourselves, we ought to share that inspiration with others and we are providing the perfect online medium to do just that.

Ask Dr. Love

AskDrLove was one of the first relationship sites on the Web in 1995.
Created by Dr. Jamie Turndorf, author of the critically acclaimed book “Till
Death Do Us Part (unless I kill you first): A Step-By Step Guide For Resolving
Relationship Conflict,” which has been endorsed by such luminaries as John Gray,
author of “Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus”.  Since 1995 she has been
freely answering advice questions every week, amassing an archive of thousands
of original advice columns which address the full range of relationship issues.
They have a YouTube channel of video versions of the advice
questions, as well as a Community Advice section where users can answer other
user’s questions, and a traditional user’s forum.

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Optimism Software

Optimism Software provides users with a platform for actively learning about their depression. As users monitor the patterns in their life they can begin to see the various factors, internal and external, that impact their health.

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