Continuing Medical Education, LLC.

CME LLC promotes the ongoing endeavor to narrow the competency and performance gaps that exist within health care professionals through convenient, high-quality lifelong learning opportunities. Individual activities focus on maintaining, developing, or increasing the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of clinicians to provide effective diagnostic, treatment, and long-term care of patients with the goal of maximizing outcomes and quality of life.

Founded in 1978 with the vision to provide high-quality, practical medical education and information for mental health clinicians. Among CME LLC’s educational offerings is the annual U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress, the second largest annual meeting in psychiatry and the largest independent meeting in the United States. CME LLC’s reach now expands to educational offerings in cardiology, oncology, pain, primary care, and practice management. In addition, the organization continues to increase its educational offerings from live events and print formats to interactive online activities, web sites, electronic formats, and more.



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