The Pacific Institute

The Pacific InstituteThe Pacific Institute® was co-founded by Lou and Diane Tice in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. After a period of rapid growth, in 1980 we expanded beyond the U.S. and Canada. To date we’ve served clients in over 60 countries and 22 languages.

Our educational programs have evolved over the years to leverage new formats and technologies; however their core principles remain the same. We’re steadfastly committed to empowering organizations and individuals to free themselves from self-imposed limitations, improve performance, and reach their full potential.

Over the past four decades our work has driven significant transformation, helping to establish infrastructure in post-apartheid South Africa and to foster peaceful discussions in Northern Ireland; empowering the education sector of Guatemala and the Mo tribe of Ghana; guiding Fortune 1000 companies down a path toward better productivity; and leading Olympic athletes to victory.



Workplace Violence 911

The Institute serves as a center for research, consulting, training, and communication. Its mission is to educate employers, unions and employees about the growing threat of violence in the workplace and how to effectively deal with it.

Being prepared is your best defense.

The Institute is composed of a consortium of professionals with specialized expertise in the multiple disciplines impacting workplace violence (e.g., security, behavioral psychology, safety, human resources, law, anger management, conflict resolution, etc). Each consultant has experience working with companies of a variety of sizes and has held significant positions during their career.



Dyslexia the Gift

Why is Dyslexia a gift?

Dyslexic people are visual, multi-dimensional thinkers. We are intuitive and highly creative, and excel at hands-on learning. Because we think in pictures, it is sometimes hard for us to understand letters, numbers, symbols, and written words.

We can learn to read, write and study efficiently when we use methods geared to our unique learning style.



Chore Wars

“Chore Wars lets you claim experience points for household chores. By getting other people in your house or workplace to sign up to the site, you can assign experience point rewards to individual tasks and chores, and see how quickly each of you levels up” – Great Graphics!!




Parent Coaching Institute




Jacob from Coacheye contacted me recently to announce that they had………

“recently launched Coacheye – an online platform for coaches and their clients. We are a Danish based company, which is why currently has most coaches signed up. However we live in the UK with as well and have just opened up for the US and Canada (coaches please sign up ;-)). Joining Coacheye is free for all types of users – Coacheye earns a fee off the session rate paid online by the client. We are confident that Coacheye is unique in the present market. Also we believe that the online counseling market will develop towards specialised verticals like Coacheye. One reason being that skilled professionals find the service more trustworthy and dedicated to them if it targets their potential clients only. We are considering psychotherapy as the next ‘vertical’ to launch the Coacheye concept in”.

Worth a look if you are a coach or contemplating hiring a coach.