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Some very sad news as of late:  On January 5th, 2010, Dr. Clay Tucker-Ladd passed away.  Dr. Clay was the author of the Psychological Self-Help book, and a good friend/colleague/mentor of Dr. Grohol, and through time, a good friend/colleague/mentor of mine.  I met him through Dr. Grohol, and I am very glad to have met him.  He was a genuine person, what you saw was what you got from him.

He really cared about people and making sure that they had the information that they could have to succeed in life–the Psychological Self-Help E-book came out of that dream.

Dr. Grohol mentioned to me one day that Dr. Clay needed someone to help him get more “hits” to his e-book, and wondered if I would be interested in helping him with it.  I definitely was up to the task (more free time back then) and agreed to the job.

Dr. Clay was not just an armchair boss, he would email me or call me if the case needed to be–and asked what I was doing, what was working and how things in my own life was going.  He really was interested in me, and that made me more interested in making a good product for him.

Later on, as time went by, he knew I was getting busier, so he passed the mantle on to his granddaughter, Tiffany, and she has done admirably well since then, and she too, has become a friend of mine.

While I do hate the passing of such a great man–I do admire and respect and appreciate the fact that he touched all of our lives, from Dr. Grohol to Tiffany to myself.  He definitely will be missed, and is already.

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Psychological Self-Help is an e-book dealing with many facets of human behavior.   Dr. Clay Tucker-Ladd discusses how to deal with life, marriage, and figuring out ways to understand ourselves.

There are a multitude of emotions in this e-book, so whatever you are feeling–chances are Dr. Tucker-Ladd has covered it somewhat and can help you feel better about yourself.



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Stanley Milgram

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