Since launching in September 2009, this community has rapidly grown to over 600 members from all over the world.

PsychFutures is an open network, albeit designed for individuals at various stages of their psychology career, from A-Level to degree-level to professionals. Primarily, we are about choosing your next step in psychology. For A-Level psychology students who are thinking about studying the subject at degree level, there’s advice on exam preparation and applying to university or college. For undergraduates thinking about post-degree options, our members provide peer-to-peer advice about postgrad psychology. For those looking beyond studying we have a section devoted to psychology careers.

As well as the aforementioned resources, members have access to our forum where they can: advertise books for sale; seek advice concerning their psychology research; recruit participants for their projects and debate on a range of psychology-related issues. In addition, members can contribute to our growing blog posts by publishing their own or by commenting on those already live.


No2abuse combines every aspect of family injustice under one roof. This site offers support for survivors of abuse as well as families going through the Family Courts; there are articles by victims of abuse and professionals who have experienced the Family Courts and the State’s approach in general to the family unit. There are also featured blogs and news articles designed to keep you updated on the challenges the government and the public face in trying to address the issues which keep dividing our families.

Esperanza: Hope To Cope

A colorful magazine on how to deal with anxiety and depression.  Communicate with others about your depression and/or anxiety and you can be included in a new issue.  Read the current issue online, or subscribe to the magazine.

Discovery Health Mental Health Center

Chock full of links, pertaining to mental health issues (and some not), with features and ask the expert.  Includes quizzes, blogs, podcasts and more.  Also includes videos about certain mental health issues and subjects.

A well-designed, snappy page on mental health issues.

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Social Worker Online

Welcome, social work students and professionals! Read articles from the Spring 2010 edition of The New Social Worker magazine, now in its 17th year! While you’re here–we have job listings, a lively discussion forum , our Calendar of Events, and more for you and your social work career!

Parent Wonder

We parents were never taught how to be one. It’s quite a risk to be a mom or dad without being “trained”? Don’t you think?

We jump into fatherhood or motherhood without prior training. Only on-the-job training is available.

That’s why when parents have the opportunity to flock together, either at work or at home, we can’t run away from topics related to raising kids, taking care of babies, child development, and stuff like that.

In fact, that’s the whole idea how Parent Wonder started. It’s for parents to gather, share, and learn.

Very simply, Parent Wonder is here to help parents to enjoy parenthood, nurture our little bundle of joy to be the best, and not forgetting to live a happy and fulfilling life for ourselves as parents.

Indeed, it’s no easy task. But hey we can always work together… or rather play together.

Whatever it is, just remember this motto of ours:

“Helping Parents Succeed”

Social Psychology Network

Welcome to Social Psychology Network, one of the largest Internet sites devoted to psychological research and teaching. In these pages, you’ll find more than 16,000 links related to psychology.  SPN provides a variety of links to psychology organizations, U.S. schools with psychology PhD programs, and social-psychological topics of the day.

A Place For Us: Children Conduct Disorder Support Group

Personal stories, articles, links, and information for oppositional defiant and other conduct disorders. Oriented toward the teens who suffer from these problems.

This site started in the mid-90′s when a parent, in desperation, reached out to other parents by starting a message board for parents of difficult to parent children parents who are committed to helping our children grow and flourish.

Our forum offers a place to share experiences with other parents in similar situations: you are not the first parent to face these challenges and you will not be the last.

You will be amazed at the number of suggestions offered and the amount of support given.

Our diverse experiences has shown that there isn’t a “magic bullet,” but we are always comparing notes as we look for solutions and support each other along this journey.

We even manage to have a few laughs along the way!

Our advice is to take what you need, offer what you can, and leave the rest.