Is It Normal?

is it normalMany people think things or have questions that they are afraid to ask others and wonder, “Is it normal to feel this way?”  The average citizen may or may not be able to afford a psychologist or have a friend who can inform them in the manner that they best feel necessary.  In this website, “Is It Normal,” you can ask others questions and get responses without feeling awkward and odd about asking that question you wanted to know.

They also are located on Twitter and Facebook, and do have password protected user information, moderated questions (of course, everyone does ask questions to find out if it is all normal, but it IS moderated), and there is also an IIN Gold Membership, which you can pay to have special membership duties, such as quicker moderation, jazzier profile pages, and more.




Dream Doze allows people to share and document their dreams, and have them interpreted by several people. This way dreamers receive different perspectives for understanding their dreams. The interpreters can range from other dreamers to professional dream interpreters and even psychoanalysts.



Ask Dr. Love

AskDrLove was one of the first relationship sites on the Web in 1995.
Created by Dr. Jamie Turndorf, author of the critically acclaimed book “Till
Death Do Us Part (unless I kill you first): A Step-By Step Guide For Resolving
Relationship Conflict,” which has been endorsed by such luminaries as John Gray,
author of “Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus”.  Since 1995 she has been
freely answering advice questions every week, amassing an archive of thousands
of original advice columns which address the full range of relationship issues.
They have a YouTube channel of video versions of the advice
questions, as well as a Community Advice section where users can answer other
user’s questions, and a traditional user’s forum.



Whole Family

Strengthen your personal and family relationships and solve the most challenging issues facing you and your family today.




The Body

With over 600 topic areas, search the database of articles, facts, links to organizations, artistic expression, spirituality, activism, and international facts about HIV and AIDS.

The Body connects you with others:
(1) Get leading experts’ views on the range of subjects and ask questions using “Ask the Experts” forum.
(2) With the “Inspiring Stories” forum you can read first-person profiles of courage and determination of people affected by HIV/AIDS.
(3) Community Center bulletin boards or forum offers support for the following topics:

  • Living With HIV (For people with HIV who are looking to shoot the breeze about anything from the highs and lows of treatment to the search for the perfect date.)
  • Gay Men (For gay men with HIV to share stories about life and love.)
  • Women (For women with HIV to share stories about life and love.)
  • I Just Tested Positive (Recently diagnosed with HIV? You are not alone! Connect with others!)
  • Am I Infected? (Worried that you have put yourself in a high-risk situation for HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases? Talk to others here!)
  • En Espanol (Para personas VIH positivas que buscan hablar, apoyo e informacion sobre el VIH o SIDA.)
  • My Loved One Has HIV/AIDS
  • Myths About HIV/AIDS
  • Treatment (Got questions about antiretrovirals, immune-based therapies, complementary/alternative therapies? This is the place to share your concerns or get some answers.)
  • Teens (For teens with HIV looking to talk with other teens.
  • Nutrition and HIV (Share information about nutrition and HIV.)
  • African Americans (Connect with other African Americans living with HIV, or talk about the most critical HIV/AIDS issues facing the African-American community.)

  • HIV/AIDS in the Military (For discussion of HIV-related issues in the U.S. armed forces.)
  • Job Listings (AIDS organizations and other HIV/AIDS-related groups seeking new volunteers and employees.)



Go Ask Alice!

Dr. Grohol says:  “Chock full of health education and wellness tips. They will answer any health question on sex, relationships, drugs, general health and emotional well-being. Best yet, they archive all of their responses so you can check out if your question has already been asked in their extensive archives. The responses given are reasonable and sound in their advice, so you know you won’t be misled. Plus, it’s easier to get an answer than writing to Dear Abby!”



Psych Central Answers

Psych Central Answers is a person to person answering service with anyone pitching in their ideas or advice to your most desired answers to your psychology questions.  Ask a question, and others will answer you, and hopefully, help you out along the road to feeling better.

Psych Central Answers, is of course, a Psych Central product, included with all that extra-special Psych Central love and care.  Try Answers today, and get all your important questions answered!



All About Psychology

David Webb has done it again with the launch of his “All About Psychology” site. An excellent companion to David’s blogs “Exploring Psychology” and “All About Forensic Psychology“. David continues to grow his selection of resources for consumers and students of psychology, providing readers with an easy introduction to concepts, news and research across multiple disciplines.