Freedom From Fear

Freedom From Fear is a national not-for-profit mental health advocacy association. Mary Guardino founded FFF in 1984 as an outgrowth of her own personal experiences having suffered from anxiety and depressive illnesses for more than 25 years. The mission of FFF is to impact, in a positive way, the lives of all those affected by anxiety, depressive and related disorders through advocacy, education, research and community support.

APA: This is Psychology

These brief videos are intended to educate the general public about the science of psychology and to illustrate how psychological research can be applied to a broad range of issues and challenges. They are part of an expanded APA public education campaign to increase people’s understanding and appreciation of psychological science. We are particularly excited about their potential for use as part of secondary school psychology and other science programs.

The first release includes an introduction, an episode on bullying, and an episode on young children’s mental health. We hope you find them interesting and informative. Feel free to link to these videos from your professional websites. APA will be linking to them on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Discovery Health Mental Health Center

Chock full of links, pertaining to mental health issues (and some not), with features and ask the expert.  Includes quizzes, blogs, podcasts and more.  Also includes videos about certain mental health issues and subjects.

A well-designed, snappy page on mental health issues.

Parent Coaching Institute

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BBC Radio Case Studies

Mental Help Net

Mark Dombeck (director at Mental Help Net) contacted me regarding his site. Online since 1995, Mental Help net has thousands of articles on numerous topics in mental health/illness, wellness, life events and lifespan development, divided into topic centers. In addition the site also provides book reviews, daily updated health news, blogs, podcasts, question and answer service and a therapist directory. Managed by clinical psychologists, the site promotes empirically supported therapies while also attempting to cover “the full spectrum of appropriate treatments”. Notable on the site is the “Wise Counsel Podcast” which is an interview series with psychotherapy luminaries (e.g., Irvin Yalom, David Barlow).