Easy Dream Interpretation

This site will show you how to remember, record and analyze your dreams easily and effortlessly. It will also teach you how to use your own resources and not rely on dream dictionaries or other people to analyze your dreams for you.

Dream analysis is best done using your own meanings and you will be accurate 100% of the time. The aim here is to zero in on quick dream interpretation, and still get effective information and of course, have some fun as well!



Dyslexia the Gift

Why is Dyslexia a gift?

Dyslexic people are visual, multi-dimensional thinkers. We are intuitive and highly creative, and excel at hands-on learning. Because we think in pictures, it is sometimes hard for us to understand letters, numbers, symbols, and written words.

We can learn to read, write and study efficiently when we use methods geared to our unique learning style.



Social Psychology Network

Welcome to Social Psychology Network, one of the largest Internet sites devoted to psychological research and teaching. In these pages, you’ll find more than 16,000 links related to psychology.  SPN provides a variety of links to psychology organizations, U.S. schools with psychology PhD programs, and social-psychological topics of the day.



Eye of the Storm

First posted in 1995, these pages (plus the bibliography and selected links to other websites) provide lots of information about DMH concepts including: typical victim reactions to traumatic events; psychological first aid; disaster preparedness; self-care for relief workers; spirituality; and tips on working with sudden loss of loved ones, including a handout for the survivors.




Every Minute

everyminute.org supports innovative research that will profoundly transform the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders, paving the way for a cure. The need for transformative, innovative research is urgent; each year, as many as 57 million Americans meet criteria for some mental disorder, with roughly 12 million reporting symptoms so severe as to cause significant disability and interference with everyday living. Similarly, the economic costs of mental disorders are estimated at over $317 billion, with most due to the loss of economic productivity as a result of the illnesses. We know that mental disorders can also be fatal. Each year more Americans die from suicide than from homicide. In sum, these are real disorders requiring life-saving treatments.



Cyber Angels

CyberAngels are comprised mainly of law enforcement officers, information technology specialists, educators, parents, librarians, technical writers, and legal professionals volunteers, all whom happily give up free time to ensure that your Internet experiences are safe. CyberAngels teams are specially trained to help victims trace and identify the perpetrators of online crime so that they may be prosecuted.

Besides monitoring the Internet and assisting victims of Internet-related crimes, CyberAngels provides free online classes and articles (such as, basic tips about online privacy, filtering software, Internet terms, browser, email, online purchases, file sharing, cyberstalking, identity theft, hacking, and etc.)




Virtual Psychology Classroom with over 2000 pages of information. Includes three complete psychology texts (General, Personality, and Statistics), a detailed psychology timeline, biographies, a 500+ word psychology dictionary, information on mental disorders, career and educational information, online research, psychology journal, an active psychology student forum, and more.



Abuse Is NO Excuse

Abuse website dealing in educating, preventing, and coping with abuse of all types. This site does not allow you to post your real name or identification, so you can feel more free posting here then you can in many sites!