The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi)

 The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi)
Black/African centered psychology recognizes: the Spirit that permeates everything that is; the notion that everything in the universe is interconnected; the value that the collective is the most
salient element of existence; and the idea that communal self knowledge is the key to mental health. Black/African Centered psychology is ultimately concerned with understanding the
systems of meaning of human beingness, the features of human functioning, and the restoration of normal/natural order to human development. As such, it is used to resolve personal and social problems and to promote optimal functioning.
Dr. Kevin Washington, current President of ABPsi, states:  “ABPsi values the Black mind and its expressions. We recognize that the mental well-being is a necessary aspect of optimal physical and financial wellness. We know that the various events of police brutality, political grand standing, environmental racism, and inequitable educational policies have a deleterious effect on the minds of Black people. We express that all such events are a Black Mind Matter. We are here for the restoration and elevation of the Black Mind and moreover we strive for the profound expression of humanity. We are that voice that states that Black Minds are not to be hampered because there is greatness within Black minds.