TED Talks Psychology

TED Talks Psychology

Welcome to TED TALKS PSYCHOLOGY a series of curated lessons derived from TED. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. Speakers are selected for their originality, clarity of vision and insight into present problems. Many of their presentation conclude with optimistic suggestions for change.

The speakers are given less than 18 minutes to present their ideas in an innovative and engaging manner. They address a wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture, often through storytelling. Presenters include leading thinkers, innovators, scientists, and many Noble Prize winners.

TED TALKS PSYCHOLOGY was created by two university professors with over 90 years of professional practice and teaching to help psychology students and their professors see beyond the material (often dated material) found in their text books and tune in to some of the most cutting edge thinking and research currently going on anywhere on the planet.

They have taken TED talks and assembled them into specific topic areas within psychology. They have provided advanced organizers (or pre-thinking prompts) to engage student awareness. After viewing each talk, a series of higher level thinking questions are presented to stimulate critical thinking.