Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts

The Academy’s mission is to advance the study of psychoanalytic epistemology, theory, practice, ethics and education within a psychological framework consisting of philosophy, the arts and the anthropic sciences as opposed to biology, medicine and the natural sciences.

We propose to do this through:

1.  the re-thinking of psychoanalysis as a creative intellectual discipline dedicated to the understanding of the psyche;

2.  the re-thinking of psychoanalytic practice as consisting of a collaborative inquiry to further self-understanding rather than the “treatment” of disease, disorder or deficiency;

3.  the development of educational programs for the study of the many modern and postmodern versions and visions of psychoanalysis that proceed from contextual metaphors such as narrative story, semiotics  and psychic theatre;

4.  the articulation and advancement of an ethic and principles consistent with this psychological framework;

5.  the presentation of these ideas to the academic, professional and lay communities.