I am 1 in a Million

Most people keep mental disorders like Major Depression, PTSD, and Social Phobia a secret, because they fear being—

• Rejected by family & friends
• Harassed
• Fired or not hired
• Denied child custody

So far, attempts to end this discrimination and fear have been led by a few strong individuals. But strength also comes in numbers. Every year, 50 million U.S. adults have a mental disorder—if just one out of every 50 admits this, without shame or embarrassment—

• Others will learn that mental disorders don’t come from personal weakness, and don’t make people violent or unpredictable.
• More people will feel comfortable seeking treatment. Two thirds of people who need treatment don’t ask for it.
• We will help each other stand up to discrimination.

So, if you have a mental disorder or illness—

Join anonymously. Wait for 999,999 others. Come out together, one million strong.