Association for Humanistic Psychology

The mission of AHP is to enhance the quality of human experience and to advance the evolution of human consciousness. We fulfill our mission by sponsoring, alone and with strategic partners, educational events and projects, publications, and a global Web presence. Principles upon which AHP is based include a deep commitment to:
1. integrity in personal and professional interactions,
2. authenticity and trust in human relationships,
3. compassion and skill in deep listening, and
4. respect for the mystery, interdependence, value, and
essential oneness of all beings.

AHP assesses the success of its services by the extent to which participants and recipients of our services report:
· A sense of connection with conscious community
· Enhanced quality of life
· Increased awareness of the principles of humanistic
psychology and their applications
· Greater skill in applying humanistic methods to their
professional practice

AHP assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of its events, projects, partnerships, publications, and Web presence by the extent to which they:
· Further the mission of the organization
· Foster the enhancement of humanistic qualities in
their participants
· Contribute to the sustainable growth and
development of the organization
· Support humanistic values and ideas worldwide.