Made famous by the awe-inspiring Dr. Oliver Sacks, encephalitis lethargica is one of many disorders in the group of encephalitis.  From the movie Awakenings, which was one of the most popular medical influenced movies of all time, encephalitis is called “the sleeping sickness.”

There are more disorders, however; to encephalitis then encephalitis lethargica.    It behooves us not to forget that there are those out there still suffering from any form of encephalitis.  The Encephalitis Society was established in 1994, in response to the overwhelming lack of information on encephalitis for people affected by the condition and their need for mutual support in coming to terms with its consequences. The operating name of the organisation was changed to the Encephalitis Society – action for support, awareness and research in May 2003 to reflect the wider breadth of the work undertaken.