Finding Optimism (And Yes, It Is Looking For You!)

Finding Optimism

About Optimism Software:

The term “depression” refers to a wide spectrum of mood disorders, that differ in terms of causes, symptoms and severity. This means that treatment is very complex for a large proportion of people. Depression is a serious, confusing illness, which for many of us is a very hard reality.

The motivation for creating Optimism is straight-forward. It is something that everyone with depression can benefit from.

The program is an advanced health and mood diary. It helps you discover the things that trigger your depressive episodes, the symptoms that they produce, and based on this knowledge, effective strategies for staying mentally well. Its great strengths are its charts and report, which together give you a visual “birds-eye view” for identifying the important cause and effect relationships. Many people discover, when looking back over their health records, that their depressive episodes have been quite predictable.