Inquisitive Mind – online magazine making social psychology accessible

Inquisitive Mind (In-Mind) is an online magazine project launched by alumni from the Free University, Amsterdam. The goal of the project is to make social psychological research on everyday topics such as love, motivation, emotion and religion accessible to the general public. Hans Ijzerman (editor-in-chief) was kind enough to provide me with some details about the site and plans for the future. Founded in December 2006, In-Mind is a spin-off of the online psychology magazine, The Free Mind (worthy of a post itself!). Fundamentally, the magazine is a platform for graduate students in Social Psychology to publish articles. Think of it as a platform somewhere between blogs/websites and peer-reviewed journals. The magazine is published quarterly and visitors to the site have full access to the articles once they have completed a free registration. Registration also opens up all of the community features which include discussion forums and hosting for you own blog (if you love talking Social Psychology). Hans informed me that although the magazine is a more informal place for professionals to publish, there are still editorial controls and clear guidelines for article submission to ensure the quality remains high. In-Mind welcome contributions from all Social Psychologists and at the time of writing this post are actually looking to hire additional staff. The website contains a number of other standard features, including links to Social Psychology resources, recommended reading, and a blog in the making.